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First Use of Dafo

It is very important to increase the duration of use in a controlled manner from the first day, if it is time to renew the Dafos or if it is the first time to use Dafo, and if it is a Dafo used after surgery, it is very important to determine the duration according to the directive given by your doctor.

The duration of use of dafos varies from person to person. In some cases, it requires use 24 hours a day and night, and sometimes it can only be used in certain specific activities. For the most accurate answer, we recommend consulting your therapist or doctor.

Dafo must be used with socks. If the socks are cotton and long, it would be appropriate to fold them back from the point where the Dafo ends. On hot days, it is recommended to change the socks to a new one during the day. In order for Dafo not to cause irritation, care must be taken that the socks do not have wrinkles.

While tight contact is normal in any Dafo application, uncomfortable prints are undesirable and should be considered. In Dafo, it is very important that the ankle strap is firmly attached so that the heel touches the sole of the orthosis. If there is tension in the ankle, we can relax the ankle by bending the knee joint as much as possible (redness under the ankle band should not be a problem).
It is very important to remove the Dafo after a period of use and to control the redness, especially in the bony areas. The pinkish redness that occurs is usually expected to go away within 1 hour. If there is redness that does not go away within this period, we recommend that you contact the relevant orthotist.