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Dynamic analysis, on the other hand, is a gait analysis of the foot in motion compared to static.

Dynamic foot analysis is a test to evaluate an individual's foot mechanics while walking or running. This analysis helps assess an individual's foot health by measuring an individual's walking or running pattern, stride length, stride speed, angle of foot pressure, ankle mobility, and other parameters. Dynamic foot analysis is usually performed by a specialist orthotics or podiatrist.

Dynamic foot analysis may consist of the following steps:

1. Walking or Running Evaluation: The specialist evaluates the individual's walking or running pattern by observing. Factors such as stride length, stride speed, balance and symmetry between steps are observed. In addition, the ankle, knee and hip mobility of the individual used during walking or running is examined.

2. Pressure Distribution Measurement: Pressure distribution measurement is used to evaluate the pressure distribution on the sole of an individual's feet during walking or running. Using special sensors or platforms, the duration of the steps, the stepping time and the pressure values in different parts of the sole of the foot are measured.

3. Intra-Foot Movement Evaluation: In-foot movements are also evaluated during dynamic foot analysis. Factors such as pronation and supination of the foot (turning in or out of the foot), ankle eversions and inversions (turning in or out of the foot) are observed. This evaluation helps identify abnormalities in foot mechanics.

4. Video or Motion Analysis: Video recordings or special motion analysis systems can be used during dynamic foot analysis. These methods are used to examine in more detail the movements of the individual during walking or running. It helps to detect problems in foot mechanics by analyzing motion analysis, stride cycle, foot angles, knee angles and other parameters.

Based on the dynamic foot analysis results, a qualified healthcare professional or orthotist recommends an individual treatment or improvement plan. This plan may include exercises, rehabilitation programs, appropriate footwear or special foot supports to protect foot health, reduce pain or prevent the risk of injury.

Dynamic foot analysis is an important way of assessing an individual's foot health and determining appropriate treatment modalities. Working with a qualified healthcare professional or orthotic specialist is important to perform the correct analysis and create the appropriate treatment plan.

Our clients' leg length difference, joint stiffness, leg muscles, Achilles tendon tensions, etc. Such findings are also analyzed and transferred to the computer screen. According to the results, the insoles are designed by selecting the material suitable for the person's physical characteristics, foot load distribution and deformity (such as flat sole, high arch, heel spur).