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It is the most basic and important prosthetic material that connects the prosthesis to the stump, that is, into which the stump enters. The socket is specially designed and produced according to the shape of the stump, the nerve structure of the person and the skin structure. Correct fit of the stump into the socket is essential for the prosthesis to work comfortably and effectively. 

What is a Temporary Prosthesis?

They are non-cosmetic prostheses used in the period until the permanent prosthesis is applied.

Temporary socket is the application for shaping the stump after recovery in the amputated extremity.


  • It ensures that the patient does not forget about walking until he is transferred to the permanent prosthesis.
  • It allows the stump to take shape.
  • It allows the wounds on the stump to heal faster.
  • It provides a quicker adaptation to the permanent prosthesis.
  • It can also be good for phantom pains.

What is Permanent Socket?

It is applied when the stump is well shaped and its volume is stabilized.
The experience of the amputee during the temporary prosthesis period should be used when making permanent prosthesis.

Why Carbon Socket?

  • Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Provides energy recycling
  • It is hypo allergenic.