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3R85 Dynion knee joint, monocentric, with rotation hydraulics

“Users can handle varying walking speeds on different surfaces, thanks to the integrated rotational hydraulics.”

Thanks to the integrated rotational hydraulics, users can handle varying walking speeds on different surfaces. Be it a normal working day at the desk or a bike ride on the weekend. With the "manual lock" and "bike mode" functions you are always optimally prepared.
Manual lock provides support when in the wet area and standing for extended periods of time, while cycling mode allows you to cycle with the leg swinging freely at low joint resistance. You can activate or deactivate both functions via a button on the joint.
With Dynion, you can take a shower, swim in the sea or in the pool. The knee joint is resistant to fresh, salty and chlorinated water.

3R80 Knee joint, monocentric, rotation hydraulic knee joint

In combination with the unique principle of rotational hydraulics, the use of the 3R80 is also permitted for prosthetic wearers up to 150 kg body weight from now on.

On the 3R80, the stance and swing phase are also hydraulically controlled. In this way, for example, alternatively alternating stair climbing and climbing slopes, as well as achieving a state that is extremely close to a physiological gait pattern, is targeted at different walking speeds as well.

The 3R80 is water resistant to a depth of 3 meters and has a manual lock for added security, especially in wet areas.

C-Leg 4

“The choice of those looking for the latest generation of prostheses with proven performance”

With more than 100,000 applications performed to date, C-Leg is preferred by more users than any other microprocessor knee in the world. C-Leg offers superior reliability and performance, allowing users to focus on living a healthy and active life.
C-Leg dynamically adapts to a wide variety of everyday situations, from descending stairs and ramps to moving on uneven ground to even walking backwards.
This legacy of C-Leg continues with the C-Leg 4 update. With its innovative design and exciting new features, C-Leg 4 offers familiar reliability, a high level of customization and an easier, more intuitive user experience for users and professionals alike.
Higher mobility
It has stumbling protection.
Offers seating support and comfort
Convenient training function
Weatherproof (IP67)


Kenevo focuses on security. With its basic functions, it provides support in typical everyday situations. In addition, the activity modes enable a high adaptability: During rehabilitation, for example, the Kenevo grows with your abilities and adapts to reduced mobility.
The new Kenevo offers new functionalities that make everyday life more convenient and enriching. With assistance, descending from ramps and the use of a bicycle ergometer are intuitively possible. It has also become more comfortable to wear the prosthesis and charge it while wearing cosmetics. Can be configured via smartphone with the Joint Cockpit App.

Genium X3

“For the tireless.”

The technology of our Genium leg prostheses enables intuitive and natural movement processes, even in reverse walking and on stairs or at different walking speeds and stride lengths.
Greater safety and quality of life and reducing the burden on the protected side are just some of the benefits that the user can benefit from. And this has been scientifically proven.
Designed according to the unique Genium functionality, the Genium X3 is particularly robust and durable. Physically demanding occupations, swimming, sporting leisure activities, as well as situations where water, dust, sand or soil play a role; these are ideal conditions for the Genium X3.
Genium X3 can be easily configured with Cockpit App 2.0