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TERION 1C10 Carbon Foot

Terion has not only lightness and longevity, but also good energy recycling, thanks to the processed carbon fiber. The foam heel ensures safe heel contact with the ground and a comfortable roll. Ideal for you if you want to re-immerse in all aspects of everyday life.

MERIDIUM 1B1-2 Carbon Foot

The Meridium prosthetic foot has been specially developed for moderately active users who move in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor spaces and value an intuitive adaptation and natural movement process.

  • Continuous fine-tuning within the foot enables adaptation to changes in the ground such as unevenness and slopes.
  • Microprocessor controls smooth hydraulic roll for an effortless walking feel
  • Automatic heel height adaptation for easy shoe changes


Triton side flex has been developed for highly active users who move around a wide variety of indoor and outdoor spaces and place great emphasis on uncompromised reaction and control, even during high-intensity activities.
Thanks to the functional unit, lateral pressure on the knee or socket, which is often perceived as uncomfortable, is reduced and balancing movements are minimized. Lateral adaptation for a higher sense of security

  • Powerful, dynamic rolling
  • High energy recycling
  • Supports all movements with high intensity


Thanks to the Taleo Low Profile, you too can take advantage of the high energy return and flexibility of Taleo prosthetic feet. The unique design of the foot core also enables a more controlled forward movement in rolling than that prevails in Low Profile feet. The prosthetic foot is resistant to fresh, salty and chlorinated water. The water drainage contours on the adapter and the openings on the sole of the foot prevent water from collecting inside the prosthesis.

1C52 Taleo Harmony Carbon Foot

Are you active and up from morning till night? Taleo Harmony is a prosthetic foot that can be compensated for the volume changes that occur during the day thanks to its integrated vacuum system, allowing you to maintain a tight grip on your prosthesis all day without irritating your stump and skin. With a secure connection between the stump and socket, you can better control the prosthesis. A tight fit also helps the stump have less room to play in the socket, thereby reducing skin irritations. Despite the tight fit, it still supports the natural rotation of your leg so that you can move freely without feeling torsion loads on the socket, thus providing more comfort in daily life.