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8E72 Bebionic Hand Flex

“The most natural prosthetic hand”


The multi-jointed bebionic hand is revolutionizing the lives and abilities of amputees worldwide. From performing simple tasks such as tying shoes to restoring control and self-confidence.

Wrist "Flex" allows the user to easily lock or unlock the wrist position and position the hand prosthesis in five different locking steps.

8E500 - Michelangelo

The AxonBus prosthetic system restores the many functions of the natural hand with different gripping possibilities with the Michelangelo hand. Especially thanks to its natural design, it easily adapts to the natural body picture.
Thanks to the large number of functions, you can use seven different hand positions with the Michelangelo.

Cooking, turning the pages of a book or typing using a keyboard: With the hand of Michelangelo, you can integrate the movement patterns required for these very naturally into your daily life, leisure time and working life.


Thanks to the electrodes, 4 canal parts are added, which can move 3 fingers, according to demand and need, allowing the hand to rotate 360 degrees in and out.
It can carry a weight of 7-10 kg.

The opening and closing movement of the hand is provided by the signals received from the muscles with the electrodes.