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12K50 - ErgoArm Electronic plus


The ErgoArm Electronic plus can be locked and unlocked using different electronic signals or a switch. This happens quickly and undetected, even at high joint loading.

12K110N - DynamicArm Plus


The elbow joint DynamicArm Plus serves to support users with transhumeral amputations or higher, who can use more than two electromyography signals to control their prosthesis.
Nine different programs allow the system to be adapted to different needs.
Grip speed and grip strength are continuously controlled by two measuring systems and are commanded proportionally to the muscle signal.

8S11N - Skin Natural prosthetic glove for men and adolescents


Do not prioritize the prosthesis. Many prosthesis users desire this. For this reason, the MySkin Myo case is individually adapted to your skin color and structure and is handcrafted for you. Thus, each sheath is unique; just like you. In addition to its naturalness, the silicone case shows itself with its functional grip and long-lasting aesthetic appearance. Because compared to PVC gloves, everyday soiling can usually be easily removed with soap and water.