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An amputation should not mean the end of a sporting career.
Paralympic athletes and prosthetically supported leisure athletes prove this every day.
Athlete prostheses are special prostheses designed to be used by professional or amateur sportsmen. Athlete prostheses are used in many sports branches such as athletics, swimming, skiing, cycling, indoor sports. Those who do the same sports before amputation and those who do the same sports, of course, are more prone and successful, but someone who has not done sports before can also do sports with an amputated athlete prosthesis.
The construction technique and training of athlete prostheses are different from other prostheses and are applied by our certified expert teams. Athlete prostheses are products that appeal to K3-K4 level prosthesis users. You can have our professional athlete prostheses and represent our country in the Paralympics.


1E91 Runner

The Runner has been specially developed for anyone who wants to use a running spring that professional athletes also trust.
Casual jogging on forest trails or performance-level sprints; The runner is suitable for leisure and competitive sports. The running spring offers a high driving force for running sports and its dynamics can be adjusted according to the individual needs of the athlete. Thanks to its simple use, it is also suitable for leisure athletes with less running and training experience. It also offers professional athletes an excellent performance.

Runner Junior is also suitable for children The Runner Junior is suitable for children up to the age of 13 who are active and like to play sports. In addition to participation in sports lessons, Runner Junior supports children's development and enthusiasm for movement in their own social environment.

1E90 Sprinter

It owes its excellent performance characteristics to the carbon spring, which provides high driving force and low resistance. The sprinter stands out with its low weight.

The sprinter carbon spring withstands high pressures because the prosthesis is loaded much more heavily during running than walking.