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It is almost impossible to understand that it is a silicone cosmetic prosthesis that is personalized, with a nearly 100% natural appearance. Our silicone cosmetic prosthesis applications are made by our expert teams. Loss of a limb can cause a functional deficiency as well as psychological effects. Therefore, eliminating the lack of limbs is a need not only for physical reasons, but also for the individual not to experience adaptation problems in the society.

Silicone cosmetic prosthesis applications have the exact same shape and appearance of the missing limb. Even the smallest details can be transferred to the prosthesis with special measurement techniques, adding hair, any scars, etc. all kinds of natural views are provided.

The advantages it offers

  • It is 100% realistic looking.
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Cosmetic additions such as feathers and nail polish can be made
  • It is functional and aesthetic
  • It is long lasting

Silicone Finger Prosthesis

Finger and hand prostheses; Since there are visible organs compared to foot prostheses, color tone adjustment must be made on the user in order to be more aesthetically compatible and to make the skin color match closest to the skin of the prosthesis wearer. Although prostheses made in this way are very close to reality, it is possible to apply nail polish on hair, nails and nails.