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Long Walking Device

The tall walking orthosis is a type of orthosis used to provide support for people who have lost walking or have difficulty walking. These types of orthoses help the user with weaknesses or limited mobility to walk more confidently and in a balanced way.

The walking orthosis usually has a specially designed exoskeleton structure. This stem wraps around the bottom or all of the stem stem and provides additional support. The orthosis helps users distribute it somewhat throughout the walking time, so that the walking process becomes more stable.

The tall walking orthosis can support a range of wrist, knee or hip joints. This type of orthosis can help produce more balance and better control of your legs while walking. In addition, some models may have spring systems or solutions built into the sole of the foot, which can make walking more comfortable.

Long walking orthosis can be given according to the special conditions of the people and the doctor's recommendations. The choice and fit of an orthosis should be determined by the specialist based on individual health measures, mobility, and the cause of walking strength.

Based on this information, if there is a need for a long walking orthosis, it is important to consult an orthopedic specialist or physiotherapist and ask them to evaluate the course. Experts can guide you and the orthotic rules that best suit your needs.

The Long Walking Device assists in walking and standing in patients with little or no leg control. Patients without knee control have difficulty in standing. As the knee joints are bent, they fall and have difficulty taking a step. The most basic feature of the long walking device is to keep the knee straight in extension. For most patients, the ankle should be in a neutral position. In some patients, the ankle must be designed to allow dorsiflexion movement.