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E-MAG is one of the world's first electronically controlled device joints developed by Otto Bock.

Thanks to its electronically controlled locking mechanism, E-MAG eliminates the insecurities experienced by many device users.

The wireless remote control informs the user at any time through light, vibration or sound.

In the traditional device joint, the user has to reach at least up to the knee level to unlock. This is the most distressing and risky moment for users. With the bending of the person, the rapid opening of the joint brings an unsafe position. In the E-Mag electronic device, the user does not need to bend over or make extra effort to open the joint. Pressing the button on the device, which is easily accessible, or unlocking with the remote control it has, both eliminates risky situations and provides great convenience to the user. The electronic joint notifies the user with vibration and warning sound when it is locked or when it is free.

The electronic unit is powered by a 48 hour battery. It is recommended to charge it regularly every night in terms of battery life.

Main Advantages:

  • Increased safety when standing up or walking
  • Easy control system
  • Closed design with protection against clothes