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Today, there are many corsets developed for scoliosis. In Brace Treatment, it is difficult to say that most of these braces are designed in accordance with the biomechanical concept and their effectiveness in treatment is also insufficient.

The corset can extend from the pelvis to the neck, depending on the shape of the scoliosis. Generally, correction is tried to be achieved by applying pressure to the opposite side with the pads at the top of the inclination angle.

It should be demonstrated on the basis of evidence that a good brace application is sufficiently effective, significantly stops the progression of the curve, and significantly reduces the rate of surgical intervention.

The success of the brace in the treatment of scoliosis depends on the corrective effect and the wearing time of the brace during the day. During adolescence, scoliosis corsets must be worn close to 23 hours a day.

Scoliosis braces should provide a 3D correction to account for scoliosis curvature patterns classified by Rigo. Scoliosis corset production in our centers is personal. General developments are followed. The sections are produced by handmade and expertise by taking plaster measurements.

Scoliosis Corset Types

Scoliosis corset types differ according to the production technique. If we count the most preferred models; We can list options such as TLSO (Thoraco-Lumbo-Sacral Orthosis), CTLSO (Cervico-Thoraco-Lumbo-Sacral Orthosis), Milwaukee Corset, Charleston Bending Corset, SpineCor System. As Proklinik, we recommend the most effective corset for our clients upon request.

Scoliosis Corset Treatment and Use

  • First of all, let's say that scoliosis treatment gives successful results with a corset.
  • Determining factors; the level of scoliosis, age group and what type of brace is used.
  • We recommend that the patient continue to the same center for regular use protocols.
  • Scoliosis is an area that requires expertise in corset treatment. So it is very important to determine the right corset.
  • After determining the correct corset, the corset should be used for at least 23 hours. Thus, we can find an answer to the question of whether the scoliosis brace works.
  • Some procedures should be followed and implemented regularly, such as revising the corset at certain intervals in growing children, making changes depending on the increase in height or weight due to the elongation of the child or young person, and the use of control pads.
  • In scoliosis (spine curvature) of 20 degrees or more, corset treatment may be required in young children as well as in older children.
  • In addition to the difficulty of applying a corset in children aged 0-5, correction under general anesthesia and casts applied to the body are applied.
  • In older children with scoliosis of 40 degrees and above, corset treatment may not be applied.
  • Small age scoliosis corset treatment can reach up to 60 degrees. It is to slow the progression of the curvature in the spine. Scoliosis surgery method is preferred for curvatures above 60 degrees.
  • This treatment gives very successful results if the patient complies with the necessary rules and is applied during the growing period.