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Our whole body alignment is provided by the loads transferred to the ground through both feet. All of our posture habits that we take during our daily life are transferred to the ground with our feet while standing and with our hips while sitting. All the loads we carry through our body throughout the day must be covered by the right body segment.

The top priority is; It is to carry our body weight correctly when we are standing. We often see that even just standing is wrong. The load that we have to carry on the sole of our feet usually carries the knee, waist, neck and ankle.

This causes our body segments, which are arranged upwards, to be subjected to a load above their capacity.
Since we live at a fast pace, degenerations can be seen in the whole body over time.

The importance of posture analysis begins here. We cannot detect degenerations in the ankle, knee, waist and neck with foot analysis alone, or we cannot see the effect of the insoles on these areas. Thanks to our advanced technology posture analyzer, we can observe the effect of insoles on posture.