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Personalized insoles are insoles specially prepared for the foot structures of individuals.

The solutions produced should be completely personal and it should be explained that the same solutions will not be right for someone else.

Depending on whether the deformity is hard or flexible, personalized insoles are produced as flexible, hard or soft in various degrees. Personalized insoles, which are prepared differently from normal insoles, are for the problem of the person diagnosed by foot analysis and gait analysis. It should never be used by another person who has another condition or wears shoes of the same size.

As the personalized orthopedic insoles are the main target for the patient's orthopedic discomfort, it provides direct effect and relief to the problem. Personalized orthopedic insoles help to eliminate pain in the feet, calluses, etc. It helps to improve skin problems and walking functions of the person.

Personal insoles application is a foot support system specially designed by taking into account the individual's foot structure and needs. This application is used to improve foot health, reduce pain, prevent the risk of injury or correct walking mechanics. Personalized insoles are specially designed considering the individual's foot anatomy and specific problems and placed in the individual's shoes.

Personalized insoles are usually applied by a podiatrist, orthotic specialist, orthopedist or physiotherapist. The application consists of the following steps:

1. Evaluation: The specialist evaluates the foot health and specific needs of the individual. Foot structure, foot pressure, gait analysis, pain complaints and other factors are taken into consideration.

2. Measurement and Inspection: The individual's feet are measured and examined. Foot length, width, height, foot arch structure and other foot anatomical details are recorded.

3. Design: In line with the evaluations and measurements, the expert creates a personalized insole design. This design is specifically shaped to support an individual's foot structure, provide proper footing, or correct specific problems.

4. Production: After the design is completed, personalized insoles are produced. Insoles are produced using special materials. These materials are usually thermoplastic materials, high density foams or other special foot support materials.

5. Application and Adjustments: The customized insoles are placed in the shoes of the individual and necessary adjustments are made. The specialist evaluates the comfort and fit of the individual when using the insoles and makes adjustments as needed.

6. Follow-up and Foot Care: After the application of personalized insoles, the specialist follows how the individual feels while using the insoles. Insole adjustments or reassessment are made if necessary. In addition, the importance of regular foot care is emphasized and appropriate care methods are taught to the individual.

Custom insoles are a customized solution to support and improve an individual's foot health. This application is used for purposes such as reducing pain, preventing the risk of injury or correcting walking mechanics. Experts use their expert knowledge to provide insoles design tailored to the individual's needs and aim to improve the individual's overall mobility and quality of life.