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The loading of the feet and legs varies in different sports branches. It has been shown that there are different loadings in the use of the foot in tennis, basketball or football, depending on the characteristics of the sport. It is useful to use insoles specific to athletes, both to support the performance of the person and to prevent problems that will occur in the long term.

In our centers, insoles made of special and sports-compatible material are produced with the latest technology according to the foot and walking analysis of the person and the sports activity he/she does.

Special insoles application for athletes is a foot support system specially designed to increase the performance of athletes, reduce the risk of injury and support foot health during sports activities. This application is specially designed according to the specific needs of the athletes, the sport branch and the foot structure. Special insoles for athletes are usually applied by sports doctors, podiatrists, orthotics or physiotherapists.

Some of the features of the special insoles application for athletes are:

1. Performance and Comfort: In order to increase the performance of the athletes, the design of the insoles is made in accordance with the sports branch and needs of the individual. The insoles support the individual's foot structure, provide balance and stability, correct foot pressure and optimize energy transfer. Thus, the performance and comfort of the athletes increase.

2. Reducing the Risk of Injury: Athletes-specific insoles help reduce the risk of injury by protecting the feet and legs during sports. The special design corrects the abnormalities in the foot structure, ensures correct footing and controls excessive movements. Thus, the risk of injury to athletes is reduced.

3. Sports-Specific Design: Different sports have different requirements. Athletes-specific insoles can be designed specifically for the sport. For example, insoles designs can be made for different sports branches such as running, football, basketball, tennis. These designs adapt to the specific movements and needs of the athletes.

4. Materials and Technology: Athletes-specific insoles are generally produced using high-quality materials. Special insoles technologies can be used to support the foot structure, provide shock absorption and increase sports performance. For example, light and flexible materials, high energy conversion insoles technologies can be used to support foot dynamics.

5. Application and Adjustments: Athletes-specific insoles are placed in the sports shoes of the individual and necessary adjustments are made. The athlete evaluates comfort and fit while using the insoles. The specialist makes adjustments as needed and optimizes insoles performance based on feedback from athletes.

Special insoles for athletes are an effective method to increase the performance of athletes, reduce the risk of injury and support foot health. Insoles designed in accordance with the individual needs of athletes provide better balance, stability and comfort in sports activities. Evaluation and application by an expert health professional helps to optimize the sports performance of the athletes.