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It has been observed in all previously applied patients that patients can understand the difference at the first time they start using it. It is known that the treated patients take a step by rubbing their feet on the ground while walking before use, but due to the product's feature right after use, from the first moment they start to take a step, carbon collects all the effort made in it, giving the patient the necessary flexibility and making it easier to take the next step.


Dynamic Walk Carbon AFO

Dynamic Walk AFO is designed to enable people with dorsiflexor paresis or paralysis to regain their stride with confidence. Whether their goal is to walk, hike, run or play, Dynamic Walk's flexible back-supported joints allow them to move freely. Dynamic Walk provides a comfortable fit every time.

The patient with drop foot condition cannot lift their toes off the ground. His toes crawl on the floor as he walks. Dynamic walk, thanks to its special structure, helps patients with low foot disease to walk by constantly raising the forefoot.

With Dynamic walk, you can use shoes that you do not use with other afos much more comfortably. It is very light thanks to its very thin and robust structure. The open heel part provides ease of use.

It continuously applies the dorsiflexion (lifting the foot up from the ankle) movement. In this way, as soon as the patient lifts his/her foot while walking, he/she can take a step comfortably without crawling on the ground.


  • Light
  • Flexible
  • Medial/Laterally stable
  • High lifting power


ToeOFF Orthosis; The original carbon composite dynamic responsive foot reaction ankle orthosis. It is a standard product suitable for many different indications and patient groups.
Not only does it keep the foot up during the swing phase, it also provides a soft heel strike, stability in the stance and good toe kick.


  • Weak knee extensors
  • Irregular pressing phase pattern
  • Crouch Walking
  • It is produced with the prepreg technique. It is extremely light and at the same time very durable.


Össur Afo Dynamic Carbon Orthosis; AFO Dynamic Össur includes Flex-Foot® technology and carbon fiber properties. All in all it is a strong, lightweight solution for people with varying degrees of drop foot.


  • Severe ankle-foot deformities, severe spasticity or ripple edema are contraindicated.
  • Recommended weight limit: 120 kg
  • Apart from drop foot, Charcot Marie, M.S, different neurological causes and mild knee instability
  • It reduces energy consumption by reducing the pressure on the hip.
  • Medically, it makes the orthosis less visible in shoes.


AFO Light provides support only where it is needed, eliminating unnecessary bulk and providing a cosmetically attractive appearance.
Using the best of Flex-Foot® technology and the energy storage properties of carbon fiber, AFO Light offers a strong and lightweight solution for people with light to medium Low Foot.


  • Energy return and propulsion assistance of the limb at the fingertip.
  • It supports the foot for ground clearance during the swing phase.
  • The carbon fiber design provides excellent power-to-weight ratio and dynamic movement.
  • Gradual plantar flexion at first contact.
  • The stiffness gradient in the heel and toe corresponds to the ground reaction forces applied to the foot.
  • It is easy to put on and take off.
  • Weight limit: 100 kg