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Diabetes is an important problem that occurs with genetic and environmental factors and threatens public health. The disease can cause negative consequences such as eye and kidney disorders, vascular involvement, loss of sensation in humans. Especially over time, it causes various damage to the nerves and circulation. Depending on this damage, it causes problems in the limbs as well as dysfunction in the organs. Diabetic foot syndrome is the most common disorder in diabetic patients.

There is usually destruction of the foot sweat glands due to damaged nerves (polyneuropathy). Result: the skin of the feet is dry, easily torn, cracks and calluses appear on the skin. Pressure on the bones and deformation (foot deformities) are common consequences of polyneuropathy. These are caused by incorrectly loading the foot and are often noticed too late by the person due to loss of sensation.
Most diabetics suffer from circulatory disorders. The prolongation of the healing time of the wound on the foot surface is a harbinger of blood circulation disorder. Even the smallest injuries can easily become infected if the necessary treatment measures are not taken. Deep ulcers form and in some cases can lead to amputation.

With our diabetic foot concept, it is now much easier to reach all of the solution alternatives needed for the prevention and treatment of wound problems in the feet and special prosthetic systems for diabetes patients from a single center!