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Diabetic foot syndrome is a foot wound caused by the combination of nerve ending damage, decreased sensory loss and circulatory disorder.

Diabetic Foot Wounds

One of the most important factors affecting the formation of wounds is physical trauma. These traumas, which can be counted as penetrating the foot with a sharp object, scratching the foot, hitting and squeezing the shoes, pave the way for the possibility of foot wounds. Neglected and untreated wounds are progressive and can cause gangrene. As a result of gangrene, the patient may lose fingers or feet.
According to the IDF International Diabetes Federation, every 20 seconds a person in the world loses a foot or part of his foot due to a diabetic foot injury. It should not be forgotten that; There is a risk of “diabetic foot” in almost every diabetic patient. The risk is greater for people with type 2 diabetes.

What should we pay attention to?

  • Controlling blood sugar
  • Regular physical activity and exercise
  • Daily check of sole of foot with mirror
  • Daily foot cleaning with lukewarm water
  • Regular moisturizing of the skin
  • Control of skin tenderness points
  • Not walking barefoot
  • using diabetes socks
  • Correct shoe and orthotic applications

Treatment Approaches for Diabetic Foot

Each stage of the diabetic foot has different dynamics within itself. Our aim is to protect the foot at all times, with solutions suitable for physical examination and evaluation, classifications, and periodic changes of the disease. After the diagnosis of your doctor, we offer you a comprehensive preliminary consultation with our experienced team of orthotics-prosthetic technicians and physiotherapists, with appropriate orthotics options.

If our aim is to prevent diabetic foot wounds and to regulate mechanical loading; We offer every solution you need in a single center with diabetic socks, a special insole that will reduce the increased foot pressure by distributing it in a balanced way, diabetic shoes with special dimensions, size, mold, depth and width selected according to your foot form.
If the wound has occurred; It is very important to carry out the unloading operation in the damaged area under the control of your specialist physician. Within the concept, it is now easier for you to participate in daily life with our burden-saving orthosis options during the rehabilitation process. In addition, it is possible to accelerate wound healing by applying PlasmaDerm®, which works with the new generation technology cold plasma principle, to the wounds on your feet.

In short, no matter what stage of the diabetic foot syndrome you are, we are at your side to provide you with easy access to interdisciplinary reliable service that includes all special solutions for you.