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In below-knee and above-knee prosthesis applications, the prosthesis consists of a liner, and if the socket is above the knee, the knee joint and foot. In amputations due to diabetes, a system that will compensate the liner and volume changes in contact with the skin is important.

DVS Active Vacuum System, which can detect different floors and adjust the suspension speed according to your walking, is exactly for diabetic patients.

The DVS active vacuum system is virtually invisible between stump and socket. Although fairly small, your prosthesis has a huge impact on how it fits your body and how you feel with your prosthesis.

DVS creates an active vacuum in the socket, thus keeping your prosthesis securely in place at all times. The vacuum dynamically adapts to your walking speed: the faster you walk, the greater the vacuum. This way, you make sure that the vacuum is always kept at an appropriate and comfortable level for you.