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Trans-tibial prosthesis is applied to the loss of the limb between the knee joint and the ankle joint.

In the case of below-knee foot prostheses, we must first remind you that every prosthesis used, regardless of its function, must be specially designed for that user. There are certain criteria, of course, but these may differ with patient-specific applications. The below-knee prosthesis should give confidence to its user at every moment of walking.

The first priority of our dynamic and expert team is the care and sensitivity shown to the socket application for user comfort and long-term ease of use. No matter what product and technique you use, if you cannot create the infrastructure that will provide maximum comfort and confidence for the end user. You cannot get efficient returns from this product. Stump shaping and bandaging, physical therapy support for physical competence, referral to mental support if needed.

Besides the basic criteria, the most important condition in below-knee prosthesis is suspension. So it's the hold on your leg. Then comes the foot-ankle options used. As the Proklinik Team; We also pay attention to the right prosthesis option, application process and rehabilitation part. The amputee should be able to reach us at least by phone after 4 to 6 weeks. He/she should get preliminary information about pre-prosthetic training so that he/she should spend the prosthesis preparation period by being rehabilitated.