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The computer-controlled leg orthosis C-Brace®, which is preferred for adults in conditions such as Paraplegia, Paralysis, Neurological diseases, provides completely new possibilities for freedom of movement. For example, flexion of the leg under load, as when sitting, overcoming inclines, walking on uneven terrain or descending stairs with alternating steps; all this is possible for the first time with the C-Brace® leg orthosis.


The new C-Brace® offers further advantages: It is smaller, can be used under clothing, is lighter and requires less force when the user walks. A new sensor technology makes the entire motion flow more dynamic and precise. The user also can make changes to the joint, such as switching to cycling mode, via the smartphone App.

C-Brace® consists of custom made thigh, calf and foot parts. An ankle joint (unilateral or bilateral support) or a personal spring element connects the foot piece to the calf piece. Sensors continuously measure knee flexion and angular knee acceleration. C-Brace® thus understands at what stage of gait the user is. It can regulate hydraulic resistances and control knee flexion and opening.

The C-Brace® reacts in real time, reassuring even in possible stumbling situations: The user can step and sit with bent knee, walk on uneven terrain and inclines.